Create a happy family with a foreign wife!


Our popular international dating site cares about our users. Free online translator will help you to communicate with Russian women. But you should not forget that if you aim to marry a Russian woman then you should start to study language of the country where your woman lives during process of communication on the site, on a basic level at least. It is very important to have the common language for communication!



just_married Be interested in history and traditions of the country where your woman lives as you will have to come to that country as a guest and spend some time there. Knowledge of histoory and traditions is very important for understanding of the set of mind of the woman and her relatives.



married Every day men from our site order delivery of flowers for their women. Take into consideration, that in Ukrain and Russia one does not present even number of flowers in a bunch. Even quantity of flowers will hurt woman's felings. Usually people present 9, 11, 15, 17 flowers, etc!



During period of communication on the site try to establish the most warm and comfort dialogue with your woman. It is very important for a woman to feel warmth and understanding from your side, your interest to the good and bad events in her life. Learn to feel each other still before the first real meeting. Show that you value mutual understanding, that you sincerely want to create a strong family and have a mutual love.


The woman that you choose. Who is she?

Every man has his own requirements for the woman. Maybe, some men did not formulate these requirements strictly yet, but still they do exist.

Let's try to create image of your future woman together. Respond to yourself what level of education should the woman have. Is it necessary for her to have a higher education or natural mind plus life experience will be enough? Should the woman be active or is it better that she would be calm and would like to spend her time at home? Are you planning common children? Where would you prefer to live with a woman - in a city, town or in a country? It is very important for your ideas about life together to coincide. If you still do not have any idea about definite image of your future wife then chance to find exactly YOUR woman will be minimal. There is no sense in swimming without destination.

Signs of attention

Do not be shy to show signs of attention to women, take the first step in getting aquainted and beginning a dialogue. On our free international dating site there are several means which help to show attention and to start and develop communication. They are:

  • Winks
  • Vast catalogue of postcards for different occasions and for different dates
  • Gift Cat interactive postcard

    Icebreaks - short phrases to start conversation with

The catalogue of postcards is very popular on the site. Here you will find different farms of expressing love and interest. You can show different emotions, joy and sadness with postcards. Register on our free dating site and feel joy of comunication.

I have not been contacted for some time

If during a day you do not receive a letter our system notifies other users about that putting "I have not been contacted for some time" inscription in your profile. For some reason some users were ashamed to have this inscription thinking that nobody would want to communicate with such a person. But this point of view is completely wrong! Those users who have this inscription "I have not been contacted for some time" start to receive normal messages more often than other users, and not just winks or postcards. Before we made a notification "I have not been contacted for some time" as email notification. After such a notification men who were not receiving any letters started to receive 20-40 letters a day. The same situation was with women. So there were many appeals to administration to install this inscription in profiles of users, so they could be seen in galleries also, not just in notifications, so we did it. Gallery of the people who were not contacted for some time is the most visited place on the site. Users spend here much more time than in usual galleries. Do not pass those profiles owners of which are waiting for your letters!

We wish you happiness, and it should be like that

When you are happy then share your happiness with another person.

These are words from one very kind Russian song. If you have found your happiness on the site then remember about your single friends who are still searching for their women. Say them, that probably exactly on our international dating site they will find finally their love and successful marriage with a foreigner!

Feedbacks of men who have found their happiness:

Thanks for your help. This really is a very efficient and worthwhile site. From the very first request when I made a simple mistake which I could not sort out without help, you have been terrific. I have met a really wonderful girl and we are planning to meet in person very soon. Huge Thanks to all and very best of luck and success to you all as well. Gordon, Scotland, 48 yo

I have meet the love of my life on your site. Thank you for that. She is with me here in Sweden as we speak. Peter, Sweden, 38 yo

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